The Baconation was founded in Virginia in 2016 with one mission: make freakin' awesome bacon!

Our founder and Chief Baconator, Tim, grew up eating the same commercial, mass produced bacon everyone else did, the kind that grocery stores sell and that require a Chemistry PhD to decipher the ingredients label. After growing jaded with that low quality bacon as an adult, and after watching an eye opening How It's Made video on commercial bacon (link, for those of you who aren't faint hearted), he resolved to make a better bacon.

His amazing wife and now-Chief Baconatress got him a smoker for Christmas that year and he started experimenting with making his own bacon. He started making bacon for a small group of guinea pi...umm, friends, then that group grew bigger and started including family members, then one thing kept leading to another and The Baconation was founded in 2016.

Here we are today, making freakin' awesome bacon and selling it to you as a bacon of the month club. We handmake all of our bacon in small batches from the finest ingredients--only organic, pasture raised pork, pasture raised heritage breed pork, pasture raised Angus beef, pasture raised Wagyu beef, pasture raised American Bison, or wild boar sourced from farms across America, no added chemicals, we slow cure the meat and cold smoke it with hardwood, and our bacon is always sent to you fresh.