At The Baconation, we believe that if you're going to make bacon, you should make it right.

Here's how we do that!

  1. All of our pasture raised Angus beef, American Bison, Wagyu beef, pasture raised heritage breed pork is sourced from family farms across the US that commit to ethically and humanely raise and care for their cattle, bison, and heritage (in our case, Berkshire and Duroc) breed pigs. We also source wild boar (Russian Razorback) from Texas and Canada. No added chemicals, no miserable living conditions for the animals, just the best quality of life that the farms can provide--100% organic, vegetarian diets, outdoor space to roam around in, no antibiotics, growth hormones, or animal byproducts. They process the meat, slice the skin off, and ship 'em to us. Side note--your run of the mill grocery store doesn't sell heritage breed or wild boar bacon, let alone beef or bison bacon, but sells chemically stuffed bacon made from factory raised pigs.
  2. As soon as we receive a shipment of meat from our suppliers, we begin making the bacon!
  3. We create a dry rub using our proprietary mixes of ingredients, coat the pork belly with it, and let it cure in the refrigerator for two weeks.
  4. After the curing process is complete, we rinse the cure off the bacon and let it sit in the refrigerator for another two weeks.
  5. Next, we cold smoke the bacon with hardwood at a temperature of <100° for 36 hours.
  6. Once the smoking is complete, we let the bacon sit in the refrigerator for ten days to let the smoke even out through the meat and firm up the consistency.
  7. After the meat has firmed up, we slice it! We use a deli slicer and slice all of our 1 lb packs of sliced bacon thick in short, sandwich length slices.
  8. Once it's sliced, we package it up and ship it to customers.

Start to finish, from when we first get the meat to when the finished bacon is ready to ship out to our customers, it takes approximately 6 weeks.

We never use liquid smoke or inject our bacon with chemicals or cook the bacon. What you get is always fresh handmade bacon that was made to order less than a week ago!

This is ultra premium gourmet bacon, folks. From the type of meat we use and how it was raised, to the way we turn it into bacon, it's not much like the commodity stuff you buy in grocery stores at all, except for the name. Given the type of bacon and what goes into making it, we stand by our bacon and firmly believe it is far superior to any commercial bacon you can buy at a grocery store.