Heritage Breed Pork Bacon - By the Pound

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Heritage Breed Pork Bacon - By the Pound

Bacon Varieties:

**Orders placed by Sunday of each week will be processed and shipped out approximately 3-4 weeks later**

Our Heritage Breed Pork Bacon is made from purebred pasture raised heritage breed pork (while you cannot choose which you get, it is either Duroc or Berkshire). The flavoring of the meat itself is distinctly different from the pork you buy at the grocery store, generally with a creamier mouth feel and texture.

The Heritage Breed Pork Bacon by the Pound is ultra premium, artisan, slow-cured, handcrafted, hardwood smoked thick cut bacon, as approximately 1 pound sliced packs of any of the three different varieties currently offered. Pick however many pounds you want of any of the available varieties or feel free to mix and match!

Once we ship it approximately 3-4 weeks after the order deadline (it takes time for our suppliers to send us the meat we order each week, for us to turn it into bacon, and prep it for shipment), our bacon is sent to you fresh, uncooked, and never frozen via 2-3 day shipping!

Our bacon is shelf stable, but we recommend that you fry it or toss it in the fridge/freezer once you receive it.

**Orders placed by Sunday of each week will be processed and shipped out approximately 3-4 weeks later**

    Customer Reviews

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    The taste of southern bacon.


    I continue to be satisfied with the bacon but the customer service leaves a lot to be desired. On this last order I was sent the wrong flavor on the slab bacon. I immediately reached out as advised by their website and have only heard crickets as a response. I then sent another inquiry and haven't received a response to that either. It's making me question whether I want to place another order.


    I ordered this but got more of the other instead so I never got this one to try.

    William Howard
    Heritage Bacon Baconairium

    Good stuff, worth the wait, just finishing Maple Brown Sugar, ready for Simon & Garfunkel Wild 🐗

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    Reminds me of the bacon my grandmother used to make.