Wild Boar Bacon - By the Slab

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Wild Boar Bacon - By the Slab

Bacon Varieties:

**Orders placed by Sunday of each week will be processed and shipped out approximately 3-4 weeks later**

Our Wild Boar Bacon is made from Russian Razor Back Wild Boar caught in the wild, not farm raised feral pigs. The wild boar meat generally has a stronger, meatier flavor than both our heritage breed pork and pasture raised pork.

The Wild Boar Bacon by the Slab contains 1/4 or 1/2 slab of unsliced ultra premium, artisan, slow-cured, handcrafted, hardwood smoked thick cut bacon in any of the three different varieties currently offered. Pick however many slabs you want of any of the available varieties!

Once we ship it approximately 3-4 weeks after the order deadline (it takes time for our suppliers to send us the meat we order each week, for us to turn it into bacon, and prep it for shipment), our bacon is sent to you fresh, uncooked, and never frozen via 2-3 day shipping!

Our bacon is shelf stable, but we recommend that you fry it or toss it in the fridge/freezer once you receive it.

**Orders placed by Sunday of each week will be processed and shipped out approximately 3-4 weeks later**

    Customer Reviews

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    Although I like it. It was more like a Canadian bacon than I expected. Flavor is fantastic!

    Robert Caccavalla
    Delivery issues

    First it was delivered to the post office where it sat for about 5 days. It was not delivered to the shipping address. They may have tried to ship it to the correct address. Perhaps when the store was closed but they didn't leave any notice of attempted delivery. However, it was consumable. It took this order so long to get shipped I forgot about it.

    Ruben Diaz
    KICK ASS!!

    KICK ASS!!

    russell eatch
    Wild Boar Bacon

    Best bacon I've ever purchased!

    Robert Schaeffer
    wild boar slab bacon

    this product was near perfect with lots of fat. My family was thrilled with the freshness and taste.